Friday, April 02, 2010

04/02/2010 - Twelvemile Island Loop

Launch: Steele Creek Lodge near Satsuma, AL
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1) Today's destination was to loop around Twelvemile Island and paddle in a few of it's tributaries. I was fighting the wind and current going down Bayou Sara. Mobile River was a little bit choppy.

2) This boat operator only had a few inches of clearance.

3) Most of the tributaries in Twelvemile Island were open with very little shade - something you might consider if planning to do this in the heat of summer.

4) Each tributary had one or more members of their welcoming committee members there to greet visiting kayakers.

5) What once was a great place to get out on a wood dock to stretch the legs is now buried under this metal roof.

6) It's a Porta-Potty that will eventually recycle back into the environment - maybe in about 500 years.

7) There were quite a few snowy egrets along the bank of the Mobile River. 

8) The railroad bridge over Big Bayou Canot. This is where the 1993 Amtrak train disaster occurred that killed 47 people.

9) There was an unusual amount of boats out on the water today - it might have had something to do with Good Friday. Every Friday that I kayak is a Good Friday! The boat in this photo had 5 dogs chained to the front of the boat. The boat was passing close because the Gas Line canal is narrow.

10) This smiling lady had just netted a Drum fish.

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