Sunday, April 18, 2010

04/18/2010 - Yazoo River

Launch: Boat ramp next to the Horizon Casino in Vicksburg, Mississippi

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1) When traveling to a new area, I like to stay an extra day to go exploring the rivers at a leisurely pace. Got an early start to paddle up the Yazoo River.

2) The Port of Vicksburg was remarkably clean.

3) There were some big barges in the Port of Vicksburg.

4) A few miles up Yazoo River is the tiny Kings Point Ferry.

5) The shoreline of the Yazoo was mostly huge willow trees.

6) Due to the high water levels, it was easy to paddle through the woods in some areas. The willows were dropping pollen and catkins which were coating the surface of the water.

7) Something not seen around Mobile often are Waterlocust or Honeylocust trees. You'll never forget seeing these trees because the thorns are wicked.

8) River dwellings were a rare sight along the Yazoo.

9) Downtown Vicksburg where the BluzCruz race ended.

10) The Horizon Casino which allowed us to use their parking lot as a staging area for the kayak shuttle.

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