Thursday, April 29, 2010

04/29/2010 - Robinson Bayou

Launch: Dog River Park (Formerly Luscher Park)
Destination: Robinson Bayou which is 1.5 miles to the southeast of Dog River Park.

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1) The Dog River Park area is still trashy as usual.

2) Once you get off the main river, the scenery changes. Today I'm paddling several small channels off Dog River and Robinson Bayou for my first time and it was very rewarding - one of my best paddles this year.

3) Tree house.

4) The deck may be a bit warped and in the middle of nowhere, but it is a good rest site for a kayaker who might want to stretch their legs.

5) First alligator I've ever seen in Dog River Watershed and this one was of respectable size.

6) Big honkers and little honkers.

7) Culvert under Dauphin Island Parkway was neat to paddle through with its cascading vines. Not many power boats go through this area.

8) End of the line near the perimeter of Brookley Airport. The plane just took off.

9) There were occasional concerns about being too close to the banks in some of the narrow man made canals.

10) Robinson Bayou was absolutely beautiful with blossoming spider lilies and blue iris.

11) Supposedly, the pedals of this flower (Magnolia grandiflora) are edible and some people use them to make wine.

12) Last of the sun near Dog River Park.

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