Wednesday, June 09, 2010

06/09/2010 - Nauset Harbor, Cape Cod, MA

Vacation Paddle Trip
I wanted to paddle to Martha's Vineyard from the Falmouth area but never did find a kayak rental place in Falmouth. Drove back to where I kayaked before and this time rented a kayak from Goose Hummock in Orleans, on Cape Cod, MA.
Destination: Explore the area around Nauset Harbor/Bay, again.
Weather: Sunny eventually giving way to clouds. 70s. Nice paddling weather.
To see or download the track of this trip, Click Here.

1) The kayak launching dock at Goose Hummock. Nice low dock and if you notice, there is an individual leaning over holding the kayak while the person gets situated in it. Look at that smooth water!

2) Lots of blue sky and warmer temperatures made this a nice kayaking day.

3) This dock extending into the water was a rare thing to see. The majority of waterfront homes had no dock. Another interesting thing is there were no jet skis to be seen in this area.

4) A green heron. 

5) Current going through the cut to the Atlantic Ocean.

6) As the tide went down, where the water was ripping through earlier was now just sand. Much more tide up here than in Mobile. Gotta be careful.

7) Water is very clear and trash free. There wasn't a junked boat to be seen much less any beer cans or floating plastic bottles.

8) An oyster catcher and a gull eating a meal.

9) My paddle wouldn't reach the bottom here even though the bottom was still visible. That says how clear the water was.

10) Horseshoe crabs are not crabs and they can live a year without eating. These two horseshoe crabs appear to be in love.

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