Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Misinformation Effect

1) This photo above (actual photo source unknown) along with about a dozen more similar photos were emailed to me by an excited individual who went on to say how sad it was to finally see the Mobile Bay shoreline inundated by the oil spill as evidenced in the photos. Isn't the internet great for witnessing the Misinformation Effect?

2) The first photo above was misinterpreted by someone accidentally or on purpose and passed on via chain email. Now many unsuspecting people viewing the chain email photos believe the dark looking color is actually oil. Not True! Natural tannic waters flowing from acidic wetlands mix with turbid waters of Mobile Bay in stark contrast with each other. This photo taken back in January, shows dark brownish red waters draining from the Bon Secour NWR which is the same color water you see draining from the wetlands in the above left photo. It isn't oil at all.

3) This photo above that I took shows the distinct contrast of darker water flowing out of Dog River mixing with the milky tan waters of Mobile Bay along with some foam spray generated from strong winds and boat propellers.

4) A further example of contrasting waters mixing together was taken back in October 2009 along the Intercoastal Waterway near the Alabama-Florida state line. It is all natural.
Unfortunately, there is sure to be plenty of actual photos of oil on water posted soon as sadly, the winds are starting to blow the oil slicks toward the beaches. Contrary to what Alabama Governor Bob Riley said six weeks ago, I don't think Alabama is in good shape at all to deal with the oil. We do not have enough skimmers to catch all the oil before it reaches the beaches and marshes. Small waves render the oil booms useless. This oil spill reminds me of the Bible. Nothing is new under the sun. History repeats itself. Watch the following video and shake your head in disgust:

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