Saturday, July 03, 2010

07/03/2010 - D'Olive Creek and Bay

Launch: Scott's Landing (North side of causeway just west of Spanish Fort on Hwy 90).
Launch Cost: $4
Destination: D'Olive Creek and D'Olive Bay (Pronounced Doe'Leave) I always used to pronounce it Dee'Olive until I heard a historian talk about the name.
Distance: 7-8 miles (round trip)
Paddle time: 2-3 hours
Weather: Sunny, 80s to 90s, winds calm.
GPS Track: To view or download the GPS track of this trip, Click Here.

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1) A lotus flower pad (they are about 2 feet in diameter) with some small yellow flowers in the background. The floating pads repel water.

2) An American Lotus flower is a big showy flower (Nelumbo lutea). The name Nelumbo comes from the Sinhalese name for this flower which means Holy Lotus. Sinhalese refers to the people of Sri Lanka which is a large island off the southern tip of India.

3) Waters were smooth in D'Olive Bay and remarkably clear. Hampton Inn is visible in the background. During low tide, it may be difficult to kayak through D'Olive Bay.

4) Today was the first time I've kayaked D'Olive creek and D'Olive Bay and today's trip was stunningly beautiful.

5) On the edge of Blakeley River, an alligator of very respectable size starting coming at the kayak instead of going under water like most do when near a kayak. It had no fear and made for a nice photo.

6) On D'Olive creek, the walk bridge is usually filled with spectators feeding the alligators and the sign on the bridge (visible in this photo) says, "Do not feed the alligators." If you look in the water, there are four white marshmallows floating and there is an alligator near one. Yes, alligators eat marshmallows. Unfortunately, feeding alligators makes them bold and in Florida, a bold alligator is a dead one.

7) I love the wicked hairdo on the Kingfisher birds. It reminds me of my nephew Matt.

8) Interstate 65 across Mobile Bay. With the sun going down, it is time to head back to the launch site.

9) The grandeur of a sunset in the Shellbank River Bay of Holy Lotus flowers. Breath in...Breath out... Relax...

10) Sunset across Blakeley River. None of this area paddled today was protected by oil booms, no oil was seen, and the only scent in the air was from the Nautilus restaurant which was wafting enticing aroma to my nose.

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