Saturday, July 17, 2010

07/17/2010 - Conway Creek / Lower Crab Creek Loop

Launch: Mobile Causeway aka US Hwy 90 at the Triple boat ramps
Launch Cost: Free
Destination: Big Bateau, Maple Slough, Conway Creek, Lower Crab Creek
Distance: 16 miles (round trip)
Paddle time: 4-5 hours
Weather: Hot and Humid. Winds steady at about 15 mph until sunset.
GPS Track: To view or download the GPS track of this trip, Click Here.

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1) Winds were strong enough to frustratingly push the kayak across the grass flats every time I stopped to take a photo.

2) Finally sheltered from the winds, I noticed a new canal like cut through the vegetation at the mouth of Big Bateau Bay, probably created by air boat tour operators.

3) I had planned on paddling up Big Bateau Bay up to Maple Slough but ran out of open water. Tide was low and I didn't want to paddle across 1/2 mile of thick slime.

4) Turned around and went back to Conway Creek. This is a American Lotus leaf pad which serves as food to something.

5) Peek-a-boo in Little Bateau Bay.

6) A common Moorhen which is easily identified by the red frontal head with yellow tipped beak and ugly green legs with a red garter (stripe) at the top.

7) Sunset on a tributary to Little Bateau Bay.

8) Poaching is alive and well in the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta. Someone harvested the head and legs from this innocent alligator and left the rest of torso to rot in the water.

9) It was fun crossing Delvan Bay on the return trip in the dark. Although the winds had died down, there was still a rolling chop to paddle across. The planet Venus can be seen in the sky. A half moon helped light up the night.

10) Streetlights paint outlines of dancing color on the water. Night paddles are fun.

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