Tuesday, July 20, 2010

07/20/2010 - Loop de Island

Launch: Desoto Park (Dauphin Island, AL)
Launch Cost: Free
Destination: Loop around Dauphin Island via Katrina Pass (which will be soon filled in)
Distance: 22 miles (round trip)
Pedal time: 5-6 hours
Weather: Hot and Humid. Winds out of the east 5-10. 2 foot swells. Distant storms.
GPS Track: To view or download the GPS track of this trip, Click Here.

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1) Catching a sunrise in order to kayak all the way around Dauphin for my first time, which thanks to Katrina Pass, can be done in half a day. It will take a portage to do this trip in the future after Katrina Pass is filled in.

2) A heavy equipment operator in the process of filling in Katrina Pass.

3) A couple of surfers were riding waves. Mounds of sand have been piled up to protect the Island.

4) The oil spill did not ruin everyone's beach activity. People were fishing off Sand Island.

5) A mother took advantage of the pretty day on the beach of Dauphin Island, south of Audubon Park.

6) Oil spill workers headed out to sea with a well loaded boat.

7) Uh oh, here comes another breaking wave. I got soaked several times today.

8) Getting around the shoal at the southeast end of Sand Island caused some anxiety and is the reason why I've not done this loop before. It might not look bad here, but the steep 3 foot waves were unpredictable and there were breakers involved. I surfed through it for about 3 minutes and hit speeds over 8 mph.

9) An oil worker vehicle scared the birds at the end of Sand Island.

10) Another oil worker vehicle on Dauphin Island.

11) Oil worker vehicle highway on Sand Island.

12) Interestingly, the birds avoided standing on the vehicle paths. Also, I did not see a single pelican on Sand Island which was odd.

13) I was elated to be enjoying the beauty of Sand Island today.

14) To one girl in particular (you know who you are), seeing this reminded me of you. You warm my heart.

15) The oil booms seem to attract birds like these in Billy Goat Hole, near where the Ferry launches.

16) Several egrets.

17) One of these little rooms with a view would be great for viewing sunsets.

18) This great heron is checking to see if it picked up any oil or tar balls during the day - something they are required to do several times a day until all the oil spill is cleaned up.

19) Lovely view for condo owners and renters.

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