Sunday, September 05, 2010

09/05/2010 - Mobile River

Launch: Causeway Boat Ramp (just west of Oysterella's restaurant)
Launch Cost: Free
Destination: Mobile River Loop - Yes, I'm doing it again. Different kayak, different time, different tides.
Distance: 18 miles (round trip)
Paddle time: 4.5 hours
Weather: Sunny, 85 degrees, winds 5-10- mph from the south. Tide going out, current strong.

1) Crossing Delvan Bay and headed toward Spanish River. The current was running stronger than anticipated - about 2 mph.

2) Even though the tree is dead, it is still nurturing life. It makes me wonder what I can do in my life to help future generations grow after I am dead. Blogging about kayak trips isn't it. Time to reflect and set new goals. Don't expect to see any posts on this blog for a while. With only about 9 regular viewers based on stat counters, I believe there are other things that I can do with my time to better serve others. Post comments have been hidden because I won't be taking time to moderate comments to delete the spam. If you are new to this blog, there are 330 posts for you to look at and read, spanning the past 5 years. Enjoy.

3) A beautiful sunny day brought out a lot of boats on this Labor day weekend - note the logs in the shallow waters.

4) This is what happens when a party boat operator, either unfamiliar with the waters or inebriated , hits a log in shallow water. Looks like they hit it hard to have shifted the pontoon 5-6 feet. Hope everyone was alright.

5) There were dozens and dozens of White Ibis out crabbing this afternoon along the banks of Mobile River.

6) An idle tugboat.

7) Sunset on the Mobile River.

8) One tall tugboat.

9) See the two tugboats on the river? They were talking back and forth on their radio about the "idiot in the kayak." They saw my neon shirt in the twilight before it got dark. "The idiot should be reported to the Coast Guard," they said. Another Tug did report me earlier by phone but the Coast Guard must have been too busy today with distress calls to worry about a kayaker on Mobile River. It is a public waterway after all. "He doesn't have any running lights." (Wasn't dark yet). If tug boat personnel read this, please note that my kayak is Coast Guard compliant during night operation for my type of vessel. I monitor VHF channels to listen to port operations so as to be alert to ship traffic intentions. As a courtesy, I crossed the river to give you plenty of room, yet you call me an idiot? I could have stayed the course and made you halt your tugboats while I floated by right next to you. Maybe I should start documenting the hundreds of abandoned 2-3 inch diameter ropes that pollute the shorelines of Chickasaw Creek and Mobile River. It isn't like those ropes come from kayakers. Tugboat operators should have more respect for the environment and users of the waterways. They don't own Mobile River.

10) McDuffie Coal Terminal lite up the night.

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