Friday, September 24, 2010

09/19/2010 - Bayou La Trash

More photos of Bayou La Trash taken less than 24 hours AFTER the Coastal Cleanup.

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1) The can at the edge of the water was not empty, was open and it contained some kind of toxic chemicals.

2) The pier in between the two public boat ramps. If the public in this area behaves so trashy, the public boat ramp needs to be privatized, gated, with rules like no alcohol allowed, and fees to launch boats or fish put in place. That will put a crimp in the pigs behavior along this public waterway. And to think, one of the people bitching at me claimed all the trash comes from outside Bayou La Trash and floats in. The two above photos pretty much sums up one source of the trash lining the shoreline of Bayou La Trash.

3) Another scene of trash and a nearby abandoned vessel. (Update: Someone burned this boat to the water line.)

4) You may have remembered seeing a photo on this blog of this wreck back on Nov 19, 2009. They clean wrecked trucks off the interstates real fast, but leave wrecked boats to rot along shorelines letting them leach paints, chemicals, petroleums, metals and toxins into the water.

5) Most people don't realize that Fluorescent bulbs must be collected as hazardous waste and Mobile County only collects Hazardous Waste about twice a year. Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and yes, mercury is also in those new compact fluorescent bulbs which Wal-Mart wants to sell 100 Million of this year. Where do you think those TOXIC bulbs are going to end up? In your food chain!

6) Alabama the Beautiful? What pretty pictures those advertisers can paint of beautiful coastal Alabama. It amazes me to see how tolerant the citizens are when their neighbors basically pour poison in the water that everyone shares.  Most people look the other way. Ah, but you drink bottled water, so you are safe, right? You may think that bottled water is better than tap water, but reports indicate store-bought water is actually less regulated than the water you get out of your faucet for free.
It is time for people to get outraged about our water and to get motivated enough to help put polluters and litter spreaders behind bars so the prison system can use them to help clean up the waterways.

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