Tuesday, February 08, 2011

02/08/2011 - Pumphouse Canal - Duck Lake Loop

Launch: William Brooks Park (US Hwy 43 at Chickasaw Creek – Southwest Corner)
Launch Cost: Free
Destination: Pumphouse Canal - Duck Lake Loop
Distance: About 11.5 miles (round trip)
Paddle time: 4 Hrs 15 Minutes
Weather: Sunny, winds calm to 10 mph. Air temp 45-50 degrees. Tides minimal. Current minimal. Water temp 45-50 degrees
GPS Track: To view or download the GPS track of this trip, Click Here.

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1) A muscovy duck was watching the yellow kayak go by.

2) Speaking of ducks, I rescued one today. A washer and dryer ought make it happy. It never ceases to amaze me what can be seen on kayak trips.

3) Was going to go up to Black Creek but remembered the log jam blocked the return trip so I turned around. It is not an easy paddle to get to Black Creek via the powerline ditch. Not many places to turn around either.

4) Yahoo! The log jam is gone so it is easy to get to Mobile River now.

5) Out in Mobile River, the birds were lining the shoreline.

6) The pelicans not on the bank could be seen overhead riding thermals in large flocks.

7) Nestled on the bank of the Pumphouse Canal were some love birds.

8) On the way into Black Bayou, three pelicans were headed my way.

9) Herons or egrets were shy today and stayed far away.

10) Pelicans were not shy at all and got right up close to the kayak. Great Paddle.

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