Friday, February 18, 2011

02/18/2011 - Black Creek

Launch: William Brooks Park (US Hwy 43 at Chickasaw Creek – Southwest Corner)
Launch Cost: $4
Destination: Black Creek
Distance: About 18 miles (round trip)
Paddle time: 5 Hrs 30 Minutes
Weather: Very Foggy , winds calm to 5 mph. Air temp 55-70 degrees. Tide falling. Current minimal except in Mobile River where it was running about 1 mph. Water temp about 50 degrees.
GPS Track:
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1) Every year I like to kayak in foggy conditions. That way I won't get freaked out should a fog bank ever descend unexpectedly. On this trip, the first hour paddling in fog was in pre-dawn darkness. Both sound and smell was amplified. Was attempting to get a photo of tugboat lights in this shot but the camera focused on the kayak making the fog droplets look larger than life.

2) In Mobile River, visibility was about 1/4 mile. Could not see the other side of the river.

3) Brown Pelicans were sure numerous.

4) This is a strange photo of boat wake erosion eh?

5) Never can time the photo right to get the shot of an otter when it sticks its body about 2 feet out of the water. Also caught my first sighting this year of some alligators.

6) Ducks adapting to the industrial revolution.

7) I love the textures of lichen.

8) Big fish like to hang out near the treated sewage outflow (green water). What kind of food has the fish on your plate been eating?

9) During the last 20 minutes of the paddle, it went from cloudy to almost clear.

10) Creepy Photo - the reflection of this duck has 3 eyes.

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