Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fish Happens

Sad boating tragedy happens every year. I post this info in hopes it will let new kayakers realize the dangers of Cold Water. As air temperatures begin to get into the 70s, it encourages people to go out kayaking and boating. Unfortunately, the water temperatures are still deadly cold. Deadly Cold! Click on the headline link for the full story. If you haven't watched the 1-10-1 rule, watch it and commit it to memory. Water temps as of today are still below 50 degrees in the Mobile River.

Headline: 4 Boaters Die, 1 Survives in the Gulf of Mexico.

Adam Einck, a spokesman for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, said, “It is believed the four deceased succumbed to hypothermia.”
"... water began filling the boat more quickly, and before anyone could put on a life jacket, the boat capsized, throwing everyone into the water," Einck said.

What they don't tell you is without a life jacket on, you'll drown before you ever reach the stages of hypothermia because your arms and legs become useless quicker than you think.

According to a Hypothermia Chart, in water 40-50 degrees, with no protection, you'll lose dexterity in under 5 minutes even though you might survive for 1-3 hours in the water before hypothermia kills you. No dexterity=no swimming=no staying above water WITHOUT a life jacket. Give this more thought. These times are of course, subject to weather, health, and other factors. In water temps between 40-50 degrees...

Approx survival time without a life jacket: 5 to 10 minutes.
Approx survival time with a life jacket: Up to 3 hours.
Approx survival time with a dry suit - a long unknown time.

Until water temperatures get into the 70s, dress for how long you wish to survive in case you capsize because of something as silly as a fish jumping out of a water and knocking you off balance. Fish happens. Stay close to shorelines in cold water conditions.

Watch the Cold Water Boot Camp Video!

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