Thursday, May 12, 2011

05/12/2011 - Theodore Industrial Canal

Header Image - a dock cat gazing intently at the kayak.

1) Sunrise on Dog River.

2) Birds start moving around at sunrise.

3) Wildflowers brightened the banks of Theodore Industrial Canal.

4) Blue-Purple skullheads.

5) I paddled over to where birds were moving around in a corybantic way. They ignored my presence as the kayak edged ever so close and then I noticed tiny fish floating on the surface of the water.

6) Those are all dead minnows. It didn't take long to realize something was askew in the waters due to the horrendous smell. According to someone I talked to at Deer River Bait and Tackle, algae blooms are the culprit for removing all the oxygen from the water in this area. Phew!

7) Big spools of under sea pipeline spools await transport from Technip spoolbase facility on the Theodore Industrial Canal. It provided some colorful reflections. 

8) Also colorful along the bank of the Theodore Industrial Canal turning basin is rope left to rot. Like plastic, it's going to take a long time for heavy duty industrial sized tugboat rope to biodegrade back into the dirt.

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