Saturday, May 14, 2011

05/14/2011 - McCullough Creek Sunrise Paddle

Header photo of a wood duck.

1) Sunrise on Dog River. Clouds from a passing cold front are faintly visible on the horizon. It is going to be a pleasant couple of days with cooler temps.

2) One of America's most plentiful birds. They might be so numerous because the males have more than one wife.

3) A female red-winged blackbird aggressively chiding me for passing by her nest.

4) An unidentified bird with a yellow throat making its merry music. I think the birds were happy to see cooler weather this morning.

5) Guess what is standing on the bank of Dog River?

6) Be cautious around the shorelines near the very thorny Cherokee rose - even the rose hips are ferociously armed.

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