Friday, May 13, 2011

05/13/2011 - Upper Dog River Sunrise Pedal

Header photo - young geese paddling behind mom next to a sheet pile wall.

1) A couple of sunrise photos.

2) A couple of sunrise photos.

3) A duck with two young paddling near the shore line of Dog River Scenic Blueway. Hard to believe those cute chicks will end up looking like Momma.

4) I believe some home owners along Dog River are resorting to putting up fences such as this one to force trash to keep on flowing downstream instead of getting caught in the vegetation on their shore. Momma was watching as her two babies were nibbling on the leaves.

5) It is a "Keep Alabama Beautiful" sign behind the garbage can. There is more trash on the ground than in the can. I'm of the opinion that the City needs to fence in the park and make it a private park by membership only so they can put a stop to people who don't care from coming in and trashing the place.

6) Dog River Park has a sign near the entrance saying not to drive on the grass. No one obeys it so there is almost no grass anymore. That is a condom sitting on the pavement. If you look closely in the upper left of the photo, you can see some signs.

7) A little closer view of the new signage in Dog River Park.

8) Click on these photos for a larger view and maybe you can read the text.

9) Closer views of the other two new signs.

10) Closer views of the other two new signs.

11) One of my favorite ducks leading me on the morning workout. That duck is leaving a serious wake.

12) Further downstream, another mom is out with her babies. Spring is such a special time of year in the world of nature.

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