Thursday, August 11, 2011

08/11/2011 - Dauphin Island

Header image is a photomerge showing an abundance of birds on Sand Island.

Several shrimp boats were working the waters off Dauphin Island this morning.

The crossing from Dauphin Island to the tip of Sand Island turned nasty. Winds kicked up to 20 mph and the waves quickly became unpredictable. The Necky Looksha handled it well. The vegetation on Sand Island is very healthy looking and the sand is as high as I've ever seen it.

Oil Spill workers are still hunting for oil pellets on the shore line of Sand Island.

It is a bird traffic nightmare.

This reddish egret looked slovenly because a gust of wind had just ruffled its feathers. Steady wind made today's paddle frustrating but seeing so many birds up close made up for it.

A Peregrine Falcon (first time I've ever seen one) was dining on fresh gull or tern. This beautiful looking Falcon was wearing a fine pair of feathered pants with a pattern that matched its vest. According to a bird book, these endangered falcons are capable of flying at speeds up to 175 mph.

 Red-winged Black Birds were devouring some sea oats.

If you like seeing birds, try kayaking around the Sand Island/Dauphin Island area! Kayak rentals are available by the Golf Course beach. Speaking of birds, the 8th annual Alabama Coastal Birdfest is coming up on October 6-8. One of Birdfest's events is a Beginner level Canoe/Kayak paddle trip at 5-Rivers.

A remarkably color contrasted wildflower called Marsh Pink (Sabatia stellaris) was flowering on Sand Island.

This small waterway that had running current and could be kayaked, cuts almost all the way across Sand Island and leads to an inland pond.

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