Saturday, August 13, 2011

08/13/2011 - Rattlesnake Bayou Manatees

Header image - a team of ducks out for a morning paddle.

Another hot sunny day. What more can you ask for?

Earlier in the week I heard there were manatees in Rattlesnake Bayou, so that was the destination this morning. With water this calm, they should be easy to find.

Saw plenty adult and baby ducks.

This homeowner has put up a very appropriate sign. "Slow Please." Manatees move slow and cannot get out of the way of a fast moving boat that has a rotating scalpel on the bottom of it. If you go to Rattlesnake Bayou in a boat, go at an idle speed. Thanks.

The reports were right, there are manatees in Rattlesnake Bayou. 

There is no need to travel to Florida to see Manatees, they are right here in the Dog River Watershed!

That is the Rangeline Road bridge in the background.

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