Thursday, September 22, 2011

09/22/2011 - Rattlesnake Bayou and Rabbit Creek

Launch: Home
Launch Cost: Free
Destination: Rattlesnake Bayou and Rabbit Creek to once again look for Manatees. Did not see any Manatees today.
Distance: 12 miles (round trip). Today I celebrate reaching my goal of kayaking 1500 miles this year. Yahoo!
Pedal time: 3 hours
Weather: Temp 75 degrees, No wind. Water temp about 84 degrees. Partly cloudy. High tide. Current negligible.

Header Image is a photo of the elongated flower tube of a Pineland Hibiscus wildflower (Hibiscus aculeatus).

When I left home, there was lightning on the horizon and rain was showing up on the radar south of the area. A half hour later at sunrise near the entrance to Rabbit Creek, clouds started breaking up.

Another 20-30 minutes later, I turned around in Rattlesnake Bayou and was surprised to see a second round of sunrise colors. This one was better than the first.

Today was one of those high tide no wind no current water slick as glass type kayak trips and like Tony the Tiger says, "Theeeey're Grrrrreat!"

Osprey Eagle having breakfast on a limb.

In upper Rabbit Creek, fall wildflowers were putting on a show. I love this time of year. This eye catching wildflower is called Flame Flower or Hummingbird Flower (Macranthera flammea).

It is hard to miss seeing the Cardinal Flowers (Lobelia cardinalis) along the banks of streams.

There are so many varieties of Blazing Star (aka Savanna Gayfeather) that I'm not sure what species this is.

Same with Meadow Beauties (Rhexia) - there are quite a few different species.

I believe this is a Low Pinebarren Milkwort (Polygala ramosa).

Thought this was a water primrose (Ludwigia) but this flower has six petals. Not sure what kind of wildflower this is.

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