Friday, September 30, 2011

09/30/2011 - Lower Dog River

Launch: Home
Destination: Lower Dog River
Distance: 11 miles (round trip).
Time Pedaling: 3 hours
Weather: Sunny, temperature a less humid 70 degrees, winds out of the northwest at 0-10 mph. Tide receding. Current about 0.5 mph. Waves less than 1 foot. Water temp 83 degrees.

Header image is a cropped photo of a juvenile yellow-crowned night heron. If you look closely at its eye, you can make out reflections of a yellow kayak on the right (me taking the photo) and the Dog River Bridge on the left of the pupil.

Two shades of the morning sunrise. One appreciates the marvel of a sunrise if one has waited in the darkness to see it. 

One appreciates the marvel of a sunrise even more if one is holding another person's hand at the time.

A third shade of the morning sunrise. Flocks of ducks were flying with unusual vigor this morning - maybe hunting season has begun or they sense the first cool weather of the season approaching.

It looks like a tri-colored heron.

A great egret ruffles its neck feathers while sitting on top of a popcorn tree.

This great egret was doing a 180 turn on a sweet gum tree branch. Sweet gum trees are in the Witch-Hazel family and have those hard ass spiny ball fruits that hurt when you step on them barefooted.

A juvenile yellow-crowned night heron kindly let me get close to it for a photo. Can you imagine how difficult it is to clean your face without arms?

A mallard duck.

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