Sunday, September 25, 2011

09/25/2011 - Dog River Park and Halls Mill Creek

Launch: Home
Destination: Dog River Park and Halls Mill Creek.
Distance: 17-1/2 miles (round trip).
Time Paddling: 4-1/2 hours
Weather: Sunny, rare light wind. Rising tide. Current minimal. No waves - waters slick.

Header image is a shoreline photo taken in Dog River.

I am enjoying the Sunday morning communion with the big light while listening to Sunday morning Jazz.

Here comes the big light over the horizon.

One week after the Coastal Cleanup, the PIGS who used Dog River Park yesterday left their litter mark.  It isn't fair to the Parks Department to have to clean up after the PIGS. The little league association who uses this park should be fined if not banned from using the Dog River Park facilities. I think the City Parks department should put this sign up at the entrance to Dog River Park in earnest. If littering is how people respect a public park, especially a week after a group of volunteers cleaned up the park, the park should be fenced off to all people. 

This tolerance of trashing our land and waters is unacceptable. It is time to put an end to the tolerance of litter by holding people accountable for their actions.

peaking of the Coastal Cleanup, some of the trash collected last weekend still sits on the ground adorning Dog River Park. Hard to see the beautiful morning glory flowers and ducks in this photo.

Interested parties are keenly watching to see how long this trash sits there.

Here I am taking a photo of this great blue heron sitting high upon a tree on one leg.

Great blue heron sitting high upon a tree on one leg.

A couple of herons share their fishing territory.

A female wood duck sits on a floating log in Halls Mill Creek.

Waters were amazingly slick this morning. A great egret and an osprey eagle can be seen in this photo.

About the only waves seen on the water today were generated by passing boats. This nice cloud hovered overhead for a while keeping the temperatures cooler.

Why the blank stares? Haven't you ever seen a pedal kayak before? 

Kayaks are pretty neat, eh? I hope you two birds are not doomed to the dinner table.

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