Wednesday, March 07, 2012

03/07/2012 - Moore Creek

Header image is a photo of a green headed red-orange eye'd wood duck hiding behind the orange and green shoreline trash. I wonder if those trash colors are pleasing to its eye. Maybe someone can get congress to fund a million dollar project to study which colors are pleasing to aquatic birds. That way we can encourage plastic bottle makers to use the right plastic bottle colors to make the birds happy. Then someone else can fund a project to study what those new plastic dye colors may do to the fish. Oh, then we need a billion dollar study to see if the new plastic bottles will ever biodegrade - that'll take a LONG time... Then we need to fund a project to have researchers to study the results of the other researchers. When it comes time to publicly fund a project to simply remove the trash so that there is no need for all the pollution research projects, "Oh, we're out of funds." When private funds are found to help get the trash removed from the waters, well, if you don't bus in America's current slaves (Mexicans), who are willing to work as under paid slaves, then there won't be anyone to remove the trash from the water. Why? The majority of Americans are so fat that manual labor is too much for their heart. How'd they get so fat? Well, some say it's from the chemicals used to make plastic... It's a vicious cycle. The universities doing health studies win. The corporations increasing their profits win. The people who bottle your local ground water for 6 cents per gallon and charge you $1.59 for 24 ounces win. Only humans are idiot enough to pay 3 times the cost of gasoline for mostly unregulated water that a chocolate company (Nestle, a company recently fined for labor violations connected to using foreign workers as slave labor thru layers of subcontractor schemes) siphons from your ground water, who then puts the water into a PLASTIC bottle made from petroleum, and sells back to you at an unheard of markup rate, without the quality of the water being regulated like your tap water is. You lose.

The City of Mobile dredging people managed to re-float their dredging pipe and floats which had sunk during the last heavy rain storm. The pipe can now be seen blocking boat traffic in Moore Creek again.

Not much change in this dead dog since Feb 3rd as it continues to negatively embellish the scenery of the nearby Moore Creek residents in more ways than one.

Think Aroma of Decay... Hey, that sounds like a slogan for a new cologne or perfume that I could give to my favorite elected officials at Christmas time who continue to bow down to the corporations instead of the people they represent. Yeah, Aroma of Decay, bottled in Moore Creek, Mobile, Alabama would make a fine gift for state leaders who can't seem to help get the pollution removed out of Alabama waterways. Sending them a bottle of Aroma of Decay would be my way of saying thank you for caring for our environment so much that we currently have ZERO public employees removing river trash that continues to come from Mobile's maintained storm water system. Thank you for having ZERO curb side recycling available to most Mobile residents. This scent is for you. Hehehe. I know...this post is a real stinker eh? All in jest.

Back to reality, unfortunately, when dead bodies end up in water, especially in acidic swamps, the skin on the deceased animal can last for a very long time. Bodies of people who lived thousands of years ago have been found over the years in acidic bogs so well preserved that it BOGgles the mind. (Sorry for that pun.) Ancient Bog Bodies This doggie may be around for a long time.

This trash berg lingers, but it does function as a food station for critters like this 6 spotted fishing spider seen in these two photos and water fowl that dine on embedded vegetation.

Plant life continues to reach for the sun while anchoring its root in the nearest floating styrofoam. I smile knowing life will go on after humans are extinct. Well, maybe. What if there were no bees to propagate plant life?
When the birds and the bees start dying in quantity, mankind might be in trouble, right? What say? Our bee population is down 50%? Not to worry, Alex Wild cuts through all the misinformation the Internet is known for. We're still okay for now.

In a nutshell, if we don't start living in harmony with the earth and the other life on it, we're going to suffer the consequences. We've already allowed corporations to ruin our food supply in America at their profit and we are already suffering the consequences of their experiments on the American people. You can watch Robin's short TED speech on YouTube to hear enough about your food supply to make you red in the face and cause you to change your eating habits.

If you want to put an end to plastic bottle pollution, the solution isn't to pick up each and every bottle that gets discarded and waste money moving them to a distant landfill. The solution isn't to find grant money to fund a one time cleanup of area waterways and beaches only to waste more money moving the plastic to a distant landfill. The solution is curb side recycling everywhere and putting a bounty on each one of those disposable containers, glass, plastic, and styrofoam, so that it encourages you to take it to a recycling machine in your nearest grocery store. Yeah, that will require legislation from leaders not owned by the corporations that paid their way into office.

Huh? You mean they got recycle machines like that already in place in stores? Yeah, we are so far behind the rest of the world in Mobile that it makes me want to move away like many other people I know are doing or have done. That's why the population of Mobile is going down instead of up. No one wants to be in a trashy city run by leaders who can't manage money and who have no backbone. Maybe I can give a few bottles of Aroma of Decay to my local elected officials, too. Sorry, my stinking discontentment for Mobile, the Port of Decay, rises with the increasing density of trash in the water.

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