Sunday, March 25, 2012

03/25/2012 - McCullough Creek and Moore Creek

Header image is a merge of several photos showing the shoreline of Moore Creek.

Water levels were high enough that I was able to paddle way up into McCullough Bayou. Note the scenic shoreline.

End of the line on McCullough Bayou - a 4-foot high beaver dam. Do you see the box turtle in the middle of the dam? I was surprised that there was so little trash caught up in the beaver dam.

People certainly aren't throwing tires out their car windows so where are all these tires coming from? Do you see the Mardi Gras beads?

Wasp and Hornet killer spray certainly cannot be good for Dragon Flies.

Saw a couple of fish today. Here is a dead gar.

Another dead fish. Why are so many fish turning up dead on the shoreline? Do you see the sneaky snake hidden behind the household garbage? How about the snake's head? At least the snake was alive.

Speaking of live, Nutria are alive and well in Moore Creek.

Not much change in the regular trash bergs in Moore Creek.

8-Ball in the Corner Inlet.

On the way back home I went through a small petroleum sheen. There were 3 motor boats in the area earlier. Did the petroleum come from a boat or from the garbage allowed to rot in the water? Based on consumer demand, humans might as well get used to waterways polluted with petroleum.

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