Friday, March 09, 2012

03/09/2012 - Upper Dog River

The trash from up stream that had gathered in this canal has spread out over the past month.

Wind blows surface trash as far is it will go, usually a corner or under limbs.

I was up in this area the other day taking photos and thought this black object was a cushion. It is actually a TV. The nearby property owner has been seeking help to get the trash removed, along with this television which is hazardous to the environment. The people they have been contacting, like Mobile 311, haven't been of any help. Why isn't there an agency taking care of local waterways?

This trash, transported from upstream to this canal, represents a broken system.
It is like buying a home, hooking up to a sewer system and paying a monthly fee for the sewer service. And when you come home from work, you look in your bathroom, and the floor is filled with poop. You call the sewer service to complain and ask someone to come clean up the mess that came up from their sewer pipe and they say, "just because we maintain the pipes doesn't mean we're responsible for what goes through them. Your crappy mess is not our problem." That is be wrong. It is wrong for the City not to be responsible for what goes through their storm water system.

Happy Birthday polluted water.

As the tides rise and fall in conjunction with blowing winds, storm water trash eventually gets moved from the surface of the water to someone's private property. I can guarantee you if you came home and often found your bathroom floor littered with trash that came up out of the toilet, MAWSS would be getting sued by a lot of outraged citizens.
So why aren't area residents who are continually subjected to the trash pollution from Mobile's storm water system suing to get some relief from all the trash? Maybe they don't know they can sue.

As a citizen, you have a right to file a lawsuit against Mobile and ADEM due to aesthetic, conservational, recreational, or physical injuries as a result of the Clean Water Act violations. Clearly, when you have hazardous material floating in the water and no one will do anything about it, there are some Clean Water Act violations! Here, read up on your right to sue at this link: Click Here. How do you spell trash relief? L-A-W-S-U-I-T

According to Senator Jeff Sessions who just replied to my complaints about trash in the water in another creek, ADEM has primary responsibility to address the pollution in the water issues. He encourages me to work with ADEM, the City of Mobile, and other local offices to see that the trash issues are addressed appropriately. Well Senator, I've been contacting ADEM, the City of Mobile, and other local offices and guess what, the trash is still floating in the water and the trash proliferates in the privately owned wetlands.

President Barack Obama recently replied to my complaints. Barack says, "My Administration is taking action to protect and restore our land, water, and air." Well Mr. President, why is there still hazardous material trash still floating in our local waters after multiple complaints to multiple agencies?

It is time to replace the current administration from top to bottom.

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