Friday, April 06, 2012

04/06/2012 - Good News on Good Friday

Keep Mobile Beautiful organized a record breaking electronics recycling event at Cody Road Fairgrounds on March 31st. Within the first 15 minutes, you can how high the pile was of old computers that people had already dropped off. Though cars were backed up out to the road, the event was extremely well organized. Car lines move swiftly thanks to 4-5 dozen people Bob Haskins had moving the electronic gear from vehicles. They were unloading vehicles at the rate of one ever 30 seconds which is very impressive. The recycled electronic equipment turned in filled up quite a few tractor trailers. Awesome job Bob!

It was rather ironic to see Keep Mobile Beautiful handing out information in a "Plastic Bag." Keep Mobile Beautiful should listen to Mobile Bay National Estuary Program's advise - they encourage people to break the plastic habit. See littering from a car in Mobile? Make note of this phone number and report the litterer's tag number!

I have been documenting this City of Mobile park which has been a trash dump for quite a while. This is what it looked like last year.

The good news is, today when a group of Dog River Clearwater Revival volunteers went in to clean up the trash, someone had already removed it. Many thanks to who ever finally got the trash removed. Wow, this area looks ever so much better.
Mobile is going to look great in the future because Mobilians are no longer tolerating trash laying on the ground and on the sides of the roads. Those throwing trash out of vehicles better watch out because that plastic bottle or fast food bag carelessly tossed out the window may cost you $425 dollars. Mobilians aren't tolerating your slovenly ways any more. That is good news!

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