Wednesday, April 18, 2012

04/18/2012 - Upper Dog River

Header image is another photo of a pair of wood ducks.

I went kayaking today to see if new trash swept into upper Dog River during the night. Thankfully the less than a quarter inch of rain did not generate any storm water trash accumulations. Other than this dead gar, the waterway looks clean, eh?  Wrong!

Don, pictured here, works for Mr. Seibert and was removing trash from a neighbor's shoreline, not far from where photo #1 was taken.

Pickerelweed flowers are starting to bloom.

Blue Iris flowers are still in bloom. Aren't the flowers beautiful?

I believe the white flowers are growing on a shrub called Privet.

This is a colony of bryozoans attached to someone's styrofoam plate. Isn't nature beautiful?

Male and female wood ducks.

A Green Heron.

A turtle, out on Styrofoam, was getting some sun.

Bad Day: When you do not get to see the sun anymore.

Someone recently tossed this TV into the canal by Dog River Park. It blends right in with the rest of the City of Mobile's garbage.

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