Thursday, August 02, 2012

08/02/2012 - Mobile River Blues

Header Image is a photo of a ship with an interesting name.

On the way to Mobile River some Manatees surprised me in Spanish River.

One of the Manatees went under the kayak. Awesome.

Besides Manatees, people swim and fish in Mobile River.

Isn't this a cute little rodent? Looks like a politician to me - a RAT. A 14 Trillion Dollar debt and a population of only 315 million Americans means your share of politician sanctioned debt is about $50,000. Pay up. Hahaha.

An increasing trend in river bank pollution is Oil Booms which are installed to protect the environment. Abandoned boom ends up being the pollution. The canvas is quick to deteriorate exposing the Styrofoam.

Mobile River tends to attract large pieces of garbage. Or, wait, could this be Mobile's new cruise ship?

Companies along Mobile River often try to stabilize the bank of their property using garbage. See the sunglasses?

Someone grading their property pushed soil into the river - no biggie - the Corps of Engineers keep Mobile River dredged. What is in those pipes?

Five different petroleum slicks seen today. I feel so bad for Manatees surfacing to breathe through second hand fuel. 

Two of the small sheens I think are related to the oil and grease on the railroad bridges at Chickasaw Creek and Three Mile Creek. None of the petroleum sheens were big enough to investigate further and report.

Question: What do you get when cross a gung-ho Forever Wild supporter with a gun and an important sign? Answer: Hey, it was orange so the high school dropout redneck shot at it. Vote NO for acquiring any more Forever Wild Land unless it is set aside as a wildlife refuge where hunting will be prohibited, Forever.

Question: What will GulfQuest Museum visitors see when looking across Mobile River? Answer: Look at this photo - lovely view for visitors eh?

Question: What is the difference between Mobile leaders and Mobile waterways? Answer: All Mobile leaders do is Hope for more Cash and all Mobile waterways do is Cope with more Trash.

There will be unintended consequences to poor leadership because once you let the people do whatever they want, you can't reverse it without anarchy. Once respect for the law is gone, there is no law.

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