Saturday, August 04, 2012

08/04/2012 - Dauphin Island

Trash along the shoreline was the exception on Dauphin Island, not the rule like in Mobile. This allowed me to see the scenery and wildlife and thoroughly enjoy a paddle for once. They sure do keep Dauphin Island clean. Thanks Jeff Collier - I hope they re-elect you.

Header Image - Dauphin Island provides a home and breeding ground for beaucoup birds. It is a birder's paradise and my favorite kayak destination.

Water surface north of Dauphin Island was slick so I launched at Aloe Bay Park.

Radar indicated some nearby thunderstorms and I figured they would dissipate quickly. Wrong assumption. This is not where you want to be when lightning storms grow.

Conditions deteriorated quickly and I spent about an hour waiting out a wicked lightning storm under the Bienville Road bridge just east of Orleans Drive.

When the lightning stopped I eased out into Graveline Bay and was fortunate enough to see a double rainbow and for the next hour much of the rainbow was visible. What a wonderful way to start out a paddle.

A reddish egret sticks his head up high.

A boy appears to have lost his body.

Oyster Catcher.

Black Skimmer.

Benton with the Hobie Fishing Team rode out the storm under the Dauphin Island Bridge. When you go kayaking, it is good to know where the nearest overhead shelter is because thunderstorms can pop up quickly.

A SUP (Stand Up Paddler) looks off in the distance at a couple of people parasailing. She was baiting crab traps. Did you know there are a lot of things to do at Dauphin Island?

As I paddled by this gentleman he caught a fish about 2 foot long.

Unfortunately, when many fisherman snag a line they just cut it instead of retrieving it. This Pelican has monofilament fishing line caught in its wing. Poor thing. The pelican flew off so at least the line is not crippling it. The end of the line still had a loop in it meaning the loop could get caught on something.

People fish and so do green herons and they don't need a fishing pole.

A woman jogs along Dauphin Island's beach and disturbs a flock of gulls.

Terns turned in the same direction.

Today is the first time I've seen a duck behaving like a sandpiper.

This was a colorful home. There was a little wave action today.

Near the Katrina Cut the vegetation was green and much thicker than the last time I was at this location.

Bird guano helps provide nutrients for the beach vegetation to grow in sand. Vegetation stabilizes the beach. All of nature works in harmony.

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