Sunday, August 12, 2012

08/12/2012 - One Mile Creek and Maple Street Canal - Mobile Octo-Morons

Header Image - a photo of what it is like to kayak in one of Mayor Scum Jones' urban creeks located in Billy Boy Carroll's district. Yes, I am giving nicknames to city officials because - look at the photos - they deserve it! In reality, city officials should be facing jail terms for this pollution, not name jesting.

Today was the Octo-moron paddle. It has been EIGHT months since I complained to the City of Mobile about the litter in their Maple Street Canal. The MORONS have not done a single thing to remove this garbage. I'm serious - this garbage is sickening. John Scumbell should be fired.

Here is a view of City of Mobile Property (R022906151000001.) Apparently the wheeling and dealing City of Mobile officials do not care about their waterfront property. Scumball Jones is allowing Mobile waterways to become public landfills and ADEM has their head up someone's rectum because they are blind to this crappy mess.

One Mile Creek and all the adjacent properties are as polluted as Maple Street Canal.
The Mayor of Mobile, the Mobile City Council, City and County Public Works, Alabama Marine Police, United States Coast Guard, United States Fish and Wildlife, Alabama Department of Environmental Management, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Corps of Engineers, Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Keep Mobile Beautiful, City of Mobile Urban Development Safety Unit, Mobile County Department of Environmental Enforcement, Mobile County Health Department, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and many local environmental groups - you all know about this pollution and you all should all hang your head in shame for allowing this garbage to continue to rot along the shoreline and in the water. 

Not a single person removes the public's garbage from these waterways? WTF is wrong with all of you?

A heron in One Mile Creek. The majority of garbage is behind the weeds and on the shorelines.

Maple Street Canal. If this is the public's trash and the public has no one removing it, then the public is retarded for polluting its own water. Anarchy can't be far behind when a society craps in its own water and chooses to leave it there to rot. Enjoy your Alabama Seafood seasoned with aroma de poop and coated with chemical da BPA.

It is funny to see the Apple Snail population increasing with thanks to a City of Mobile garbage can that has been laying in this creek for almost a year.

Maple Street Canal Apple Snail laid eggs on a twig. Apple Snails in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta should not be a concern because it is evident that officials don't give a rat's ass about the health of area waterways.

An alligator in Three Mile Creek where it looks like herbicide had been used to kill shoreline vegetation.

A turtle drying out its dirt caked shell next to a garbage bag look-a-like.

Lake Drive Tricentennial Park overflowing garbage can contributing to the litter in Three Mile Creek. The Mayor's strict litter enforcement should begin with the City Parks department. Unfortunately, much of the litter problem is the result declining levels of city services that your tax dollars pay for. Public Works does less and you pay more.

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