Sunday, July 14, 2013

07/14/2013 - Church Of Manatees

Happy Birthday Brother! Miss Ya.

1) First wisps of color in the sky above Dog River.

2) Had planned to kayak out into Mobile Bay but winds were brisker than expected. Wave action was confused causing me to quickly get soaked on the sit-on-top kayak, so I turned around and went back into the sheltered waters of Dog River.

3) Back in Dog River, the waves were not bad. Clouds hid the sunrise.

4) I went to the Church of the Manatees this morning. See the big tail?

5) It is always a pleasure to share time with the Creator's critters.

6) In murky water, often the only sign of Manatees being in the area is hearing breathing and seeing the ripple where the nose protrudes above the water. See the breathing hole? 

7) One of the manatees looks like it had been hit with a boat propeller. There is no slowing down the boats in Dog River.


  1. I thought of him too on Sunday. All of us probably did. Nice to go to the Church of the Manatees. :)

  2. We want to go Kayaking tomorrow and were told we should take off from Meaher Park in Mobile, would you agree? Is that a safe place? I am so worried about alligaters. Thank you, Erica


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