Thursday, July 04, 2013

07/04/2013 - Independence Day on Dog River

Launch: Home.
Launch Cost: Free.
Destination: Dog River watershed looking for Sea Cows also known as Manatees.
Distance: 15 miles.
Pedal time: 5 hours.
Weather: Temp in the 80s, very light winds, partly sunny. River current minimal. Water temperature in the 80s degrees. A beautiful day.

1) Manatees coming up for a breath of fresh air.

2) Another Manatee.

3) It was exciting to see there are still a few alligators left in Dog River.

4) Happy 4th of July! Cute little boat.

5) Family 4th of July Fun on Dog River. What a pretty smile.

6) A clump of Crinum lilies also known as Seven Sisters, Swamp lily, Southern swamp lily, and String lily.

7) Railroad Bridge only navigable at high tide.

8) Upper McCullough Bayou turns into a cement drainage ditch north of I-10.


  1. Do you remember when we saw manatees in Florida? We had some fun times then, huh?
    Nice pics, Rob.

  2. Yes, I do remember those Manatees in the Wakulla. Those waters were clear. Hard to see the manatees in this murky water.


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