Friday, July 26, 2013

07/26/2013 - Halls Mill Creek and Rattlesnake Bayou

1) It is remarkable how well this frog blends in with its surrounding.

2) Wanna Race?

3) Catching a little Air Time on Dog River.

4) He would rather be kayaking.

5) Many waterways and canals were densely clogged with grass.

6) Here are two Manatees chowing down on that grass.

7) No motor boats will be going through this grass, but a kayak can.  :)

8) A dragonfly oblivious to the giant it landed on.

9) The six-spot fishing spider looks like it has boxing gloves on.

10) A most beautiful day to be kayaking.

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  1. Dear Sir, ive been looking at your pics of all the beautiful creatures. So beautiful photos! The spider in photo 9, his boxing gloves are actually engorged pedipalps
    Pedipalps do so much everyday (like our hands do) but when you see them vigorous like this, the spider is a sexually mature male looking for his lady spider
    Please be careful in your little boat & Thank You


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