Monday, February 15, 2016

Giant Dog River Turtle Reunion

It was very thrilling when a giant alligator snapping turtle surfaced next to the kayak in the back of a narrow waterway. I think this is the same giant Dog River snapping turtle that caressed my kayak almost five years ago. It is hard to see the submerged alligator in the above photo.

So the turtle's head is highlighted in this photo. Better photos of the giant turtle can be seen at the blogger below link:


  1. Oh heck, I wish I could see it clearer. Big dog, huh?

  2. about where at did you see it? im going kayaking through the mobile river this summer and would love to make a stop at dog river and check it out!

  3. Sorry. I never give out exact locations of big critters because Alabama is full of retarded rednecks who scour internets posts looking for the next big critter to kill.


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