Monday, February 29, 2016

Spring Weather

Unusual paddlewheel boat called the Cotton Blossom seen at the Dog River Marina.

Mobile Bay waters were nice and calm in the morning.

Big Lift ship at the Theodore Industrial Canal.

Interesting name for a ship. Workers can be seen on the deck of the ship.

It is hard to appreciate the size of a ship until you kayak by one.

This wood chip hauling ship called the Andalucia is about 630 feet long.

Of course, some of the shoreline of the Theodore Industrial Canal is polluted with plastic and styrofoam trash. Alabama obviously has no one working to regularly remove trash from their polluted waterways. Alabama ranks #46 when it comes to eco-friendly behavior like recycling. Recycling? What is that?

On the way back the waves in Mobile Bay were considerably more choppy. Choppy enough get soaked from waves crashing against the kayak.

Luckily it was a tailwind and the waves were big enough to do kayak surfing for about 4 miles. Riding waves bumps up the speed of the kayak from about 4.5 mph to about 7 mph. 

Spring like weather (70 degrees) was incentive to get a lot of folks out on the water in Dog River. This photo was taken a second before the wind surfer fell into the COLD water. 

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  1. Snicker*snicker* she says about your last line. Looks like a lovely day to be on the water. Did not know that riding waves would boop up your speed so much. Bet it was fun (except maybe kinda chilly?).


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