Saturday, February 27, 2016

Paddle Bayou Heron

I decided to join up with the Pascagoula Paradise Paddlers club paddle in their Bayou Heron Paddle today. The mostly defunct Mobile Bay Canoe and Kayak Club rarely has paddles anymore.

Paddle trip track. Launch site shown as a red star on the map. Trip length was about 6-7 miles overall.

A recent fire burnt some shoreline areas along Bayou Heron. I wonder if fire killed these little shoreline clams.

The launch site is at the end of the Grand Bay National Wildlife Refuge road that dead ends into Bayou Heron.

The brown pine trees on the left are the result of the recent fire.

Nice spring day. Some folks were wearing shorts and had bare feet.

We went about 1 mile north until the creek got too narrow to continue, then turned around.

Then we headed south past the launch site paddling for another 2 miles. The shoreline scenery was monopolized by salt marsh grasses.

Not much wildlife visible. When there are dozens of paddlers on the water wildlife tends to hide. The only animals I saw were in kayaks and a couple of them were not too happy. This doggie seemed to be happy though.

Turn around point was where Bayou Heron empties into the Gulf of Mexico or as some prefer to say the Mississippi Sound. Technically it is Grand Bay. It is where the waves start getting bigger.

This was an excellent paddle with a good paddle club. The No-See-Ums unfortunately made their presence known by sinking their little suction drills into the flesh. 

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  1. Any day on the water, especially a sunny one, is a good day, brother!


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