Sunday, January 11, 2009

01/11/2009 – Gravine Island

Launch: Byrnes Lake
Cost: Free
Kayak: Hobie Outback
Route: Out Byrnes Lake and northwest across Tensaw River to Gravine Island and back.
Distance: 5 Miles
Pace: Leisurely to working hard.
Weather: Mostly cloudy, 46 degrees, winds occasionally gusting a little over 10 mph.

1) Conditions in Byrnes Lake were calm despite a small craft wind warning. 

2) A little wind and small waves, but current in the Tensaw River was about the worst I’ve ever seen it – running about 2.5 mph. Probably a combination of a cold front blowing water out of Mobile Bay and flooding conditions further up the rivers.

3) The water in the Tensaw was very turbid looking like coffee with cream added. I pedaled hard crossing over to Gravine Island barely able to average 1 mph – it took about 45 minutes just to cross. Speed on the return trip across the the Tensaw was 6 times faster - it only took about 8 minutes. Beware of the current on the Tensaw River!

4) None one was at the island today and the tide was low.

5) There were few rays of sun that peaked through the clouds.

6) Back in Byrnes Lake on the return trip, conditions were very calm with almost no wind. Nice little workout today but due to cloud cover, no sunset on Byrnes Lake.


  1. Had no idea Byrnes Lake was that big and it connecting to bigger bodies of water. In Friday The 13th Part 7 The New Blood you couldn't tell. Shame they didn't shoot it that way since it would have been easier to believe that all those cabins from the other Friday's were there as well at different parts of the lake. Great photos by the way!

    1. The movie "Frankenfish" was also filmed in Byrnes Lake.

    2. That's pretty awesome as well. Yeah the lake has a real history with horror films alright.


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