Saturday, January 31, 2009

01/31/2009 – Steel Creek Paddle

Launch: Steele Creek Park in Satsuma, AL
Distance: Approx 4 miles
Route: West up Steele Creek and back to Gunnision Creek to watch the sunset.
Pace: Slow to not moving.
Weather: Sunny, 50-55 degrees, calm conditions.

1) House for sale on Gunnison Creek, half off. There ought be a law forcing removal of hazards like this. If this house was on land, it would be condemned and removed.

2) Up in Steele Creek, these folks were enjoying the pretty day although they said the fish weren't biting.

3) The slick conditions made for some interesting reflections. 

4) The interesting reflections have been rotated to save you the trouble of turning your head sideways.

5) Another odd reflection.

6) Back out at the mouth of Steele Creek, a sunset reflection made the green kayak look golden.

7) Post sunset on the mouth of Steele Creek.

8) A zoomed in view of the sunset - a blanket of smoke clouds part of the sky (darker portion of the sky).

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