Saturday, January 24, 2009

01/24/2009 – Bay Grass

Launch: Causeway – Tensaw Public Launch
Cost: Free
Distance: 10 miles
Route: Across the Tensaw River and up Spanish River to Bay Grass Creek and back.
Pace: Leisurely.
Average Speed: 2.5 mph.
Weather: Mostly cloudy, 55 degrees, with some light rain, fog, and mist. Winds less than 5 mph except during a passing Arcus cloud. Approx 1 mph current in the Tensaw River. Tide was so low it was impossible to get into the east side Bay Grass Tributary.

Header Image is a photomerge of a Roll Cloud which rolled by.

1) Today was the maiden voyage in my new Necky Zoar and the sunrise experienced from the water was worth the early morning start and gloomy forecast.

2) After a brief rain, it started to get misty and foggy – not a good day to take photos.

3) This was a good day to be kayaking with a stopped up nose (cold). Dead fish were abundant along the banks of Bay Grass Creek.

4) Whatever killed the fish didn’t seem to be bothering these white ibis or other birds.

5) Sandpipers were busy on the mud flats today. Judging by a bird book guide, it looks like these are Short-Billed Dowitchers.

6) Looking at a bird book guide, it looks like this bird is a Greater Yellowlegs.

7) There were bits of blue sky showing through the clouds occasionally. The reflections on the water looked like this for most of the trip.

8) White Pelicans at rest.

9) White Pelicans at at play.

10) Getting to watch a Roll Cloud pass by was fantastic. Cool sinking air was meeting warm rising moist air and rolling in response to a gust front. The Roll Cloud was only over the moist waters and as it went overhead winds gusted momentarily, then when it was past, the winds abated. This was a wonderful inaugural trip in the Necky kayak.

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