Saturday, January 17, 2009

01/17/2009 – Bay Minette Creek Sunset Paddle

Launch: Buzbees
Cost: $3
Distance: 6 miles
Route: Up Bay Minette Creek for about an hour and back.
Pace: Leisurely.
Average Speed: 3 mph.
Weather: Mostly cloudy, 49 degrees, light winds out of the south.

1) Buzbees–perfect for launching kayaks. Today I led a club kayaking trip and two hardy individuals decided to brave the cold and enjoy another day on the water. 

2) Joe, in the red canoe, started pushing a 4 mph pace and left me behind. Joe can paddle that canoe fast!

3) Joe, Tom and I enjoyed the almost slick waters and the reflection of the puffy clouds on the water. At one point, Tom found the hidden water falls. 

4) We also stopped several times to observe ducks and osprey eagles. We all wished we had binoculars with us.
5) Tom was leading us in his bright yellow Current Designs kayak on the way back. 

6) The signs were looking good for a seeing a colorful sunset.

7) Drat! Heavy clouds on the horizon hid the sun’s expected colorful disappearance.

8) Despite lack of a colorful sunset, this was a enjoyable paddle among good company.

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