Saturday, February 07, 2009

02/07/2009 – Bayou Heron – Bangs Lake

Launch: Bayou Heron, Grand Bay National Wildlife Refuge
Cost: Free.
Route: Down Bayou Heron, southeast across Middle Bay and the North Rigolets, west across Point Aux Chenes Bay, through Bangs Bayou, into Bangs Lake and back. Then up Bayou Heron about 1.5 miles and back.
Distance: Approx 21 miles
Average Speed: 3.2 mph.Pace: Leisurely to Moderate.
Weather: Sunny, 50 degrees, low tide, and winds less than 5 mph at the start. By the afternoon, temperature was 62 degrees, but winds picked up to 15 mph out of the southeast.

Today’s destination was Bangs Lake, a lake that has suffered from toxic releases from nearby industries. Visit the following links to read more on the history on Bangs Lake. Spill. Phosphate. Photolib. Noaa. I wanted to see first hand the condition of the lake now. Anyone considering visiting this area should map their route out on a GPS before going.

1) Sunrise at Bayou Heron boat ramp.

2) Headed south down Bayou Heron.

3) Not sure what this raccoon was hunting for in the mud flats at low tide, but it looked miserable.

4) Fishing early in the morning.

5) Ducks, Pelicans, Osprey, and Herons were abundant in and all around Bang Lake.

6) The stacks in the background belong to the Chevron refinery.

7) White pelicans headed off shore. Pelicans eat about 3 pounds of fish per day and will fly up to about 100 miles for a meal.

8) The kayak got too close so this duck trotted off.

9) Water in Bang Lake was pretty clear.

10) This is what upper Bayou Heron looks like – pineland forest. Two otters scared the crap of me as they came crashing through grasses and popped out beside the kayak, then slid into the water and disappeared leaving a trail of bubbles.

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