Sunday, February 01, 2009

02/01/2009 - Gunnison Creek Again

Launch: Steele Creek Park in Satsuma, AL
Distance: Approx 10 miles
Route: Up Gunnison Creek to the first log jam and back.
Pace: Leisurely.
Weather: Sunny, 55-60 degrees, calm conditions.

1) I wanted to go up Gunnison Creek again to explore the upper section. Conditions at start time were ideal again.

2) North beyond I-65, the creek really clears up and you can see the flowing grasses and sandy bottom.

3) Also associated with the more shallow creek is a little current.

4) Upper Gunnison creek is beautiful. I kept thinking there would be a log jam around the next corner but I was able to paddle on 0.75 miles past US 43. I'll be paddling up there more often. 
5) Grrrr. Took a whole bunch of otter photos and they all came out blurred due to the camera switch setting which must have been bumped in my excitement.

6) The otter came shooting out of the water carrying a turtle, played with it, grew bored or something and went back into the water.

7) The clouds were reflecting nicely off the waters as the sun lowered closer to the horizon.

8) Nice view! Even better in person.

9) Sunset.

10) The Gunnison Creek sunset had some wispy clouds shedding their moisture in advance of an approaching front.

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