Sunday, February 08, 2009

02/08/2009 – Pumphouse Canal

Launch: William Brooks Park (US Hwy 43 at Chickasaw Creek – Southwest Corner)
Launch Fee: $4, but no one was there to collect.
Route: Pumphouse Canal to log jam at RR Track Crossing and back.
Distance: 10.4 miles.
Average Speed: 2.0 mph.
Pace: Slow to still.
Weather: Sunny, 65 degrees, winds out of the south, small craft advisory.

Was going to try and make the club paddle today but the leader did not give a start time. We were required to call for that privileged information. I called this morning and got voice mail. We can’t go on a club paddle if the leader won’t give the start time and won’t answer the phone.

Since there was suppose to be a small craft advisory today, I decided to paddle the Pumphouse Canal which is always unaffected by strong south winds.

1) The tide was coming in so the treated sewage was going upstream. The treated sewage is that green stuff coming out of the pipe.

2) Once in the Pumphouse Canal, the waters turned a muddy brown as it gets water from Mobile River.

3) The turtles were out but no alligator sightings today.

4) The birds were out in force today and for once I had the binoculars. Sure glad I didn’t go on the club paddle. There were songs of joy and courtship in the air. Click here to hear a short audio clip of the Red Winged Black Birds. Today I saw Osprey, Vultures, Sparrows, Warblers, Doves, Catbirds, Mockingbirds, Cardinals, Kingfishers, Pelicans, Terns, Ducks, and more.

5) There was a truck going down the railroad though. There was no getting beyond this bridge due to the log jam.

6) On the way back, conditions on the Pumphouse Canal were still calm.

7) Kingfisher

8) Swampy green creek banks had little crabs doing their dirty work who would hide every time you came in for a closer look.

9) Sunset on the Pumphouse Canal.

10) Moonrise on Chickasaw Creek. A most enjoyable paddle.

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