Saturday, February 21, 2009

02/21/2009 – Gunnison Creek

Launch: Steele Creek Park in Satsuma, AL
Distance: Approx 12 miles
Route: Paddle up Gunnison Creek and back.
Pace: Leisurely.
Average Speed: 2.3 mph.
Weather: Sunny, 52-58 degrees, rising tide, winds out of the south 5-10 mph with occasional gusts.

1) Small butterworts were abundant along the upper creek banks.

2) Closeup of one of the Butterwort flowers.

3) Parrot pitcher plants.

4) Fungus.

5) A jet contrail that started getting bubbles on the lower side.

6) A turtle soaking up the sun next to a Golden Club plant.

7) A property owner’s method of controlling bank erosion.

8) A red maple next to the paddle wheel boat.

9) It is Mardi Gras weekend. Could this be nature’s devilish party mask? Back away from the photo and use your imagination.

10) Another sunset on Gunnison Creek. I plan on kayaking Gunnison Creek every few weeks this spring and fall because it is a clean creek with a pretty diverse plant community.


  1. Hmmm - spiders are devilish things!

  2. Would this be a good run for an inflatable kayak? Say from creola to satsuma?

    1. Run? Not much current as the creek is Tidal up to about Creola. Stay away from shoreline as dark water hides underwater stumps.


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