Saturday, March 07, 2009

03/07/2009 – Red Maple Slough Club Paddle

Launch: Public boat ramps on the Causeway.
Cost: Free
Distance: Approx 14 miles.
Route: Paddle across Chocalata Bay, around the outer perimeter of Big Bateau, and up into Red Maple Slough, then took the north cut to Conway Creek, south to Savage Ditch and back down Chocalata Bay.
Pace: Leisurely to Moderate on the way back.
Average Speed: 2.7 mph.
Weather: Sunny, 65 degrees, incoming tide, winds out of the south 10-15 mph.

Luckily no one showed up for the club paddle I was leading today because a Fish'n Fever Tackle Tournament was going on and there was almost no place to park. Did manage to find a parking place and went on the paddle anyway.

Header Image
1) White Ibis with the RSA building in the background.

2) Pelican cruising just inches from the water.

3) A healthy looking osprey eagle standing on its nest.

4) This is the time of year to see alligators soaking up the sun on the banks. Saw over a dozen alligators today including a bunch of young ones.

5) Red maples were the highlight of today’s trip.

6) Red maples were the highlight of today’s trip.

7) Saw quite a few Teal.

8) Conway Creek on the way back.

9) There were some interesting clouds getting in the way of the setting sun on Chocalata Bay.

10) Had to wear a spray skirt on the way back because steady 10-15 mph winds kicked up a little chop. Sunny skies and warmer temperatures made this a wonderful trip. Spider Lilies are starting to come out already. Spring is here!

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  1. I vote the pelican picture as best of the year. Awesome!


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