Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Pink Dolphins and the NFL

This weekend was not the best for paddling conditions, with a storm front passing through and gale advisories issued, I stayed off the water even though Saturday did seem okay to paddle. Everyone does check the weather predictions before going kayaking, right?

A couple of NFL players apparently didn't check. Waves went from calm, to 7 feet, and were peaking at 15' on Sunday. Their 21' boat got overturned. It is interesting to note that the Coast Guard reported the NFL players finally decided to put on their life vests AFTER the boat overturned. Without knowing what the seas were like when the boat overturned, can you imagine being in 10-15 foot seas and trying to swim under the overturned boat looking for your lifejacket, then trying to put it on. I wonder how much energy that expended...and whether they got a small amount of water in the lungs and died later from dry drowning. Huh? Never heard of dry drowning? Is it a myth?

Anyways, what I wanted to say is there is a lot of bunk on the internet, so much so that it is hard to believe what is true and what is not true. By the way, dry drowning is a fact.

Do you ever stand a chance of seeing a pink dolphin or has the above photo been altered?

Here is what the United Kingdom news says about Pink Dolphins. According to Snopes (great myth busting site), yes, Pink Dolphins do exist and this one was seen about 320 miles west of Mobile in Calcasieu Lake, LA which is just south of Lake Charles, LA. The poor dolphin probably isn't getting enough oxygen because of the dead zone.

If you ever question whether photos have been altered in photoshop or some other way, TinEye is a website that searches the internet for images with the same likeness. Put in the URL of the image you suspect is bogus and see what TinEye comes up with. So, is the 100 foot long Borneo Snake real? 100 foot long snake? Ha! some things you don't even have to check to know it is fake...

Happy Paddling to you and may you get to see a Pink Dolphin on one of your paddling adventures!

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