Saturday, March 28, 2009

03/28/2009 - Dog River

The local area had heavy rains which caused localized flooding. Due to a severe litter problem in the urban areas of Mobile, the excessive amount of litter gets transported into Dog River by the storm water runoff.

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1) Welcome to Dog River, Mobile's illegal garbage dump.

2) Residents can fish right off their piers for some tasty fish.

3) Quality living on Dog River.

4) The photos say it all.

5) TNT (Turtles aNd Trash)

6) Saw a few yellow wildflowers.

7) Many of the piers and docks were covered with trash left from receding flood waters. So, how do some of the residents care for their river? As I rounded the bend, someone was cleaning off this dock by using a shovel to push all the trash right into the water. He stopped doing it as I padded on by and took this photo. Busted! Sadly, several other docks were cleaned off this same way. Seeing this type of activity by the residents of Dog River makes me think they deserve to live in their own garbage dump. 

8) What is that in the background?

9) A plant making it's home in styrofoam. Where else can things grow in this dump?

Want to make a difference?

The Dog River Cleanup is Saturday, April 4, 8:00 a.m. until noon at Dog River Park (formerly Luscher/NAVCO Park). Lunch will be served at noon for all volunteers. Contact Ann Stein, 251-454-2322 or Claire Wilson, 251-591-5293, for more information.

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