Tuesday, February 09, 2010

02/09/2010 - Dog River

Launch: Dog River Park

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1) Dog River Park boat ramps. A nine year old boy fell off this dock a few days ago and drowned. Green slime can be seen growing on the wood that never seems to get a chance to dry out.

2) Dog River Park kayak launch area is pretty nasty so I use the boat ramps. Weather was misty with light rain at launch time.

3) Contact Mobile County Department of Environmental Enforcement to log complaints about litter and trash.

4) Paddling under I-10.

5) I had looked at this object several times (from a distance) and thought it was a coconut. Upon closer scrutiny, the sides of it moved as it breathed.

6) It turned out to be a Nutria with ugly yellowish orange teeth. See video below. Surprisingly, I also saw an otter today. Wildlife like this could attract paddlers to kayak upper Dog River more often.

7) Geese and a cormorant.

8) Isn't this a lovely photo of ducks on Dog River?

9) The short green plants are Parrot Feathers (Myriophyllum aquaticum). When you see invasive species like this, you should report it - click here.

10) By the end of the paddle, winds associated with a strong cold front were starting to gust and the emerging blue sky brightened my day.

11) The scenery in upper Dog River usually includes trash. 

12) I wonder if someone could tell me how many citations for "Littering" were issued in Mobile County last year...

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