Thursday, February 18, 2010

02/18/2010 - Okefenokee - Cedar Hammock

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1) A building was being demolished near the Okefenokee East Entrance boat ramp. Water levels were as high as I've ever seen.

2) Even in the cold weather boat tours were still going on. I saw a few birds, alligators, and an otter.

3) The dark waters of the Suwannee Canal were slick as glass. I headed south to the Chesser prairie but the trail was impossible to follow due to the high waters. 

4) Winds were gusting strong across the open prairie, so I turned back and headed up the Cedar Hammock trail. For a map of the Okefenokee Swamp, click here.

5) There were a lot of uneaten seeds in the waters.

6) Sphagnum mosses were absorbing as much water as they can.

7) The Cedar Hammock platform was constructed using EZ Dock modular pieces. We sure could use a few of these in the lower Mobile-Tensaw Delta.

8) Pitcher plants were abundant along the upper Cedar Hammock trail.

9) With a narrow canoe trail, it is always exciting to pass closely by alligators. You never know if they will thrash your way to get to the water or not. This one never moved.

10) With the high waters, you could paddle just about anywhere in the Mizell prairie. Thank goodness for GPS devices.

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