Saturday, February 06, 2010

02/06/2010 - Hurricane Bayou

Launch: Hurricane Landing

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1) Delta Safari hosted a Hurricane Bayou BBQ paddle today. This is the railroad crossing over the Bayou.

2) A few gaps in the clouds provided for momentary blue sky. Some blueberry bushes were in bloom so warmer weather must be on the way.

3) Trees serve as host to a variety of life in symbiotic relationships, including these ferns.

4) When it is dry, the Resurrection Fern will curl up and appear to be dead and when it rains, it comes to life again. One website says Resurrection Ferns can go as much as 100 years without water and still revive after a single soaking, hence it's name Resurrection Fern.

5) This is what some local Hurricane Bayou residents do in their spare time. Now you know why I wear hunters orange when kayaking in this area.

6) Everyone got out of their kayaks at the turn around point and were treated to some hot cheeseburgers right off the grill compliments of Captain Michael and Delta Safari.

7) A short hike was done during the lunch break and Joel pointed out where salamanders live - first time I've even seen one. It's hard to see in this photo due to reflection, but Joel is pointing to a small Southern Two-Lined Salamander curled up in front of his finger. The white salamander eggs can be seen near his right finger. Way cool Joel! Thanks. There is more to these Delta Safari paddle trips than just paddling.

8) The train track was pretty busy today and current was 3.5 mph in the Tensaw - definitely not a day to be going upstream.

9) As soon as we got out on the open waters of the Tensaw, winds made it downright chilly. Many of the residents in this area are still isolated due to high waters.

10) Even though it stayed cloudy most of the day, it was an enjoyable paddle trip.

Hurricane Bayou Track

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