Friday, February 19, 2010

02/19/2010 - Okefenokee - Stephen Foster

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1) Boat ramp at Okefenokee Stephen Foster State Park.

2) Winds were calm creating beautiful glassy reflections.

3) Heading north up towards Big Water.

4) Lilly pads and Spanish Moss draped on trees with slick reflective waters were quite pleasing to my eye.

5) Alligators soaking up the heat of the sun.

6) River Dog.

7) Minnies platform was relatively new - the old one being destroyed by fire in the huge Bugaboo Fire of 2007 that raged for 3 months and burned about 600,000 acres. It was the largest fire in the history of Florida and Georgia.

8) I wonder what insect does the pollination of these small flowers.

9) The trees get pretty dense along the sides of the trail up to Minnies Lake. 

10) You don't always know what you get when snapping a photo until you get home and view it on a bigger screen. Some photos like this end up being crappy. Looking closer at this deer showed it to be grimacing so hard it had its tongue sticking out. Why grimace? The photo also reveals a stream of raisin like matter spewing from the deer's butt. Oh dear, the poor animal must have been constipated. Photos like this sometimes are a matter of blind luck.

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